Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber

Easy outdoor space dome climberA perfect equipment to add in your backyard, the Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber allows your children to indulge in endless fun activities during the summer season. It lets the young children discover and explore while climbing up, build up their confidence and develop their physical strength, balance and agility. As multiple children play on the dome climber, it will help to build their interpersonal and social skills as well. Above all, it will provide them unlimited fun outdoors as they try new ways to climb and play on it.

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The Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber is perfect to add in small backyards where you can’t have larger play centers.

It is recommended for ages 3 and up. However, the maximum weight it can take is 2000 lbs. which means even an adult can climb up on it. Made up of rust and UV- resistant metal, the space dome climber is so strong that it doesn’t bulge or bend when an adult weighing 200 pounds climbs on it. However, being so strong, it is so light weight that a person can easily pick it up and move it for cleaning.


  • Made of rust and UV- resistant steel tubing
  • Can support 2000 pounds of weight
  • Strong enough to last for many years to come
  • Weighs only 103 pounds and is very light in weight
  • Bolts are covered with plastic to protect them from rusting
  • Made for children aged 3 and up
  • The dome measures 91 x 46 x 91 inches and is tall enough to provide an exciting adventure to the children as they climb up.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

How to assemble the Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber

easy outdoor space dome climber for kidsAssembling the dome climber is not complicated but it requires time and effort. The assembling can be done with only the tools and hardware provided.

All the parts, including hardware and tools required to join the climber together are included in the package. The package also includes detailed step by step guide about the assembly which explains everything clearly.

However, it is better if the person sorts out all the parts first before he tries to join them. The parts can be confusing and it might look complicated at first but when everything is sorted out and organized, it will not be a problem to assemble it. The screwing part is a little difficult and it leaves the hands a little soar in the end. It is recommended to get some help when assembling the equipment together.


Tips to increase lifespan of the dome climber

Although the dome climber is made up of a weather resistant material and is well coated for added protection, it is worth it to maintain in order to increase the lifespan. The key is to keep the dome climber covered when not in use especially when it is raining. The excess exposure to heat and moisture can lead to the equipment wearing out. Also, when the coating starts to come out, it should be coated again using oil paint.

User review

“We bought it for our child’s third birthday and we thought it was a perfect gift for a hyper active 3 year old son who would even climb a tree if given the chance. He really has got springs underneath him and this dome climber gives him the perfect chance to climb up and down and use his energy. We were right at our choice and this really proved to be the perfect gift. Out son was very happy when he saw it.
However, it really took time and effort to assemble it. And our hands were hurting like hell when we were done after many hours. Anyway, it was worth it when we saw our baby play on it happily and refused to come inside even at night.”

Step 2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber

step 2 naturally playful woodland climber for kids


Featuring natural colors and textures that would blend in any setting, whether indoor or outdoor, the Step 2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber is a perfect choice to provide unlimited fun and activities to your children, right at the comfort of your home. The playset is made of high quality molded plastic which makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use, whichever you prefer.


The Step 2 Naturally Playful Climber features rustic lodge theme and textures that look very elegant. Instead of having bright showy colors, it has natural color tones that make it look good against any background.

It includes a bundle of fun features that provides your child countless hours of amusement by indulging in many different activities on the set. It has a step ladder that leads up to a platform, which is large enough to let the children sit and play and then exit the platform through the wavy slide. It features a rock wall at either side of the set which your adventurous child would simply love to climb. The set includes a play deck underneath which can also be used as a sandbox. The platform has a rotatable steering wheel that will stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination.

Let your child indulge in imaginative play, build his social and interactive skills as he plays along with other children and get physically active on the playset.

This playset is designed for children from ages 2 and up. However, even the younger children from 15 months can also use the set with supervision. The step ladder is very simple to climb and even toddlers can climb it without any problem. The maximum weight it can take is 240 pounds which means only 3-4 children can play on it at once.


  • Platform at a height of 27”
  • Wavy slide
  • Step ladder with realistic wood grain
  • Rock wall on both sides of the set which has climbing foot holds for easy yet adventurous climbing
  • Rotating steering wheel at the platform
  • Bottom area is versatile and can be used as a play deck or as a sand box
  • Designed for residential use

How to assemble the Step 2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber?

The best thing about this playset is that it requires very minimal efforts at assembling the set.

Even a female can assemble it in a few minutes (way to go, moms! 😉 ). Detailed step by step guide is available with the package that gives the instructions really well.

Plus, everything included is ready to assemble. The set comes with all the parts required for assembling and with all the hardware required to put the set together.


Assembly tips to remember

When assembling any children’s playset, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. The playset should be assembled in a very safe manner. It is important to use the nuts and bolts for added safety even though it looks pretty fine even without them. Keep it on grass or carpet so that it is safe for children to use and land down from the slide. If you use it indoors, place cushions and soft surface underneath to make it safe and to avoid the risk of injury from falling.

Tips for increasing the lifespan of this playset

To increase the lifetime of this playset, avoid too much exposure to sun and moisture. This is basically the perfect design for indoor use. For outdoor use, the set should be properly cared for. It should be covered when it is not in use and especially during rainy season, it should be covered with a plastic cover. Clean it thoroughly every now and then especially when it is used outdoors since it can be plagued with insects.

User review

“I absolutely love the set. I wish it could hold enough pounds so I could climb on the rock wall and slide down. It seems large enough for my toddler but too small for his older cousins.”

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Rock Climber and Slide

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Rock Climber and Slide

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Let your children indulge in outdoor play and promote healthy exercise habits by having the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Rock Climber and Slide right in your backyard. It will keep the children occupied endlessly for many hours by providing them a fun slide with adventurous rock wall that can be configured in several ways to have a different adventure every time.

The multiple configurations in the rock wall and the adjustments in slide height make sure the children never get bored with it. It features a step ladder, platform and a fun wavy slide along with 2 rock walls that give endless adventures and excitement to the children. They can simply enjoy the slide by going up the step ladder or take more daring challenges of climbing up the castle wall or the bush wall. The crawl-through tunnels, telescope and steering wheels encourage imaginative play.

Quality design

Like all other products from Little Tikes, the Endless Adventures Rock Climber and Slide is made up of legendary quality of molded plastic that is resistant to any weather condition and excess heat and is designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

Recommended for…

The playset is recommended for children aged 2 to 6. However, even toddlers above 15 months would be really attracted to it and will easily be able to climb up the step ladder and slide down. The slide height can be adjusted to lower height for younger children.

It is designed to hold 60 pounds of weight per child and the maximum number of children allowed at the set at one time is 5.

The playset, with its natural color tones and nice aesthetic features and themes would blend in any setting and would look great against any background. Especially the castle and bush theme would look great outside in your backyard.
This playset is absolutely the one that will grow along with your child and will build great memories of childhood.


  • Adjustable slide height for younger and older kids
  • A moderate size of platform at a height of 2 feet with safety railings
  • Easy climb ladder for younger kids
  • Two climbing walls with easy and challenging climbing holds- the climbing walls include bush wall and castle wall
  • Multiple configurations on the bush wall that allows the children to have different adventure every time
  • Three craw through tunnels for endless fun and excitement especially for the younger children
  • Telescope and steering wheel to encourage imaginative play
  • Weight limit of 60 pounds per child

How to assemble the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Rock Climber and Slide

Unlike other outdoor playsets, assembling this climber and slide is not at all difficult and it takes only around an hour to assemble and put it together. The unit comes with a detailed step by step guideline for assembling. All the parts should be first sorted out and then the instructions should be carefully followed. The hardware and parts are all included in the package. You will need your basic craft tools and skills for assembling the unit.

Increasing the lifespan of the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Rock Climber and Slide

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Rock Climber and Slide for kids - back viewAlthough the playset is made with high grade quality that is sure to last a long time, it is important to maintain it well to increase the durability and lifespan of this great toy. For maintenance, you can purchase a plastic cover and keep the unit covered when not in use and especially when exposed directly to the sun. Excess sunlight can cause the color to fade. Also, cleaning it regularly will help to protect it from getting plagued with dirt and bugs (if they are used outside). Also, keep it covered during rainy days.

To prevent the unit from breaking or cracking, do not allow older children to climb on it.

User review

“This is great for your daughter. It gives her climbing space where she can climb on everything without having us worry about her safety. She stays outdoors for hours and plays in different ways on the playset. She even took all her toys there and got indulged in pretend play as she rolled all the toys down the slide.”

Step2 Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber review

Step2 Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber for kids

The Step2 Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber, or the Step2 Clubhouse Climber, is a really great play set for those little balls of energy. Kids will have lots of fun playing on this climber which offers heaps of different uses. It can be used for hide and seek, as an obstacle course, an alternative to a tree house, role play, and many more!

It also gives kids something better to do than watch TV or play video games all day. As this is a very big play set, multiple children can play on it at once and do so many things, and thus promoting friendship, team work and confidence.

The Clubhouse Climber is recommended for use of 2 to 6 year old kids (a kid of 16 months has played on it), with a maximum weight capacity of 240 pounds.


  • A climbing ladder with hand rails that assist kids
  • A rotating steering wheel, dual windows and a skylight
  • Two slides for added fun
  • Bridge connecting both towers
  • A hideout area connected to a crawl-thru tunnel
  • Product dimensions: 56.8 x 123 x 70 inches

Please note that on Amazon.com (for those who are US-based), this product can be shipped only to the 48 contiguous states; cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and FPO or APO.

How to assemble the Step2 Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber?

Adult assembly is a must when assembling the climber, since there are small and sharp pieces. There aren’t that many parts in the package unlike the way it seems given how it looks like when it’s assembled, as most of the parts are big. Even the bolts aren’t overwhelming in number.

It would be heaps of help to have 2 or more adults to set it up (2 would be enough), especially when putting the roof on. Major parts are assembled first, before connecting all of the parts toward the end, so having 2 adults assemble different major parts simultaneously would save time.

A word of caution: The instructions, both the one included in the package and the one available on the manufacturer’s website, do not have texts together with the pictures and is in black and white. Given the different colors of the parts and the number of steps, it can be quite confusing to some. It is best to review the instructions first, have a quick read through and make sure you completely understand them before trying to assemble the climber. Should you have a hard time understanding a step or setting the climber up, you can always call customer service.

Make the most out of your Clubhouse Climber

A user said that the slides are a bit short for kids to have much fun on them. To add more fun, one thing you could do is get an inflatable pool, fill it with plastic balls and place it under one slide so that the kids land in a pool of balls. But you can think of other ways to make the climber a lot more fun than it already it is. Be innovative.

Since the climber is made of plastic, which can be a little thin on some parts, going easy on the weight applied on it would be ideal. Also, not letting kids do things that aren’t supposed to be done to it, like hanging on to the side of the bridge, would be another suggestion.

Lastly, never fail to check all the hardware for signs of wear and for dust build-up to ensure that your climber is always in tiptop condition.

User reviews and comments

We knew our son was too young for this climber, but we bought it for his first birthday anyway so he could “grow into” it before we get a wooden one. We were initially very careful in keeping him from falling off the bridge from the sides or walking down the slide. But now that he is 16 months old, he can already climb the stairs by himself and go down both slides, but we are always around just in case. He really loves the wheel and plays peek-a-boo with us through the windows. We are overall happy with this climber, and would recommend it to anyone.

–by A. Hastings

Step2 Skyward Summit review

Step2 Skyward Summit for kids

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Best for those young ones who are mountaineers in the making, the Step2 Skyward Summit offers limitless challenges and never ending fun. The Skyward Summit is a very nice alternative to what’s typically in a playground such as swing sets or clubhouses, and sure beats the monkey bars!

With different challenges available and a peak that is quite high, your kids’ motor and coordination skills, and even enhance their critical thinking skills by assessing how they can go about climbing to the top.

Recommended for 4 to 8 years old, but younger kids can play on it, too! Weight limit of 320 lbs, and 4 children max capacity.


  • Four different climbing surfaces for a variety of challenges
  • With 2 cargo nets for climbing and 9 grips
  • Designed to look like a real mountain climbing wall
  • Includes platform for one kid to stay on up high, and a hole at the top to look out from
  • Mounting hardware also included

How to assemble the Step2 Skyward Summit?

It is suggested to have 2 adults assemble the climber. Most people have constructed the Skyward Summit in just 3 hours, with a suggestion from one user to use an electric screwdriver to further minimize set up time. It is fairly easy to assemble, just make sure to follow the instructions. Be advised that the instruction manual can be unclear or confusing at times, because the photos are with no text and are in black and white, and certain labels for parts can be a little confusing.

Be sure to have a mat or anything that is quite soft around the climber, so that if kids accidentally slip or fall off, they’d land on it instead of packed soil, grass or pavement. Also, a 6-foot clearance around the climber is advised.

Tips for added fun

For extra fun, here are other ideas of exciting stuff you can do with the Skyward Summit:

Step2 Skyward Summit - reaching new heights1. Have a race
Let kids race to the top of the climber as part of a party or just a family night. This will promote sportsmanship and confidence among the kids.

2. Play pretend
There are tons of scenarios and stories you can come up with to keep the kids entertained. You can turn the climber into a Native American’s tent and have a pseudo-bonfire at night, or play pirates where the summit is the mast and the captain can look out through the side of the platform, let them play as mountaineers on a quest to reach the Himalayan peak, and many other fun stuff.

3. Have a picnic or camp out
The base of the climber is big enough to fit several small children to gather and have a picnic in the afternoon. You can also place a tarp or cloth over the climber at night to make a tent out of it and let the kids hang out, tell scary stories and whatnot, at night.

User reviews and comments

We agree with other reviews about the directions not being done too well, and we ended up thinking we were missing the right washers toward the end. Albeit requiring 2 persons and a few hours to set the whole thing up, it sure it worth the investment.

I thought the climber would be unfit for my almost 3-year old child, but he can already climb even the tallest wall by himself and likes the challenge. But coming back down is a different story altogether. There’s plenty of room for him to grow in this climber which will surely last many years, and is great for building his coordination skills. This is a much better option than a typical swing set.

– by Sheri Bell

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Adjustable Mountain Climber

Little Tikes Adjustable Mountain Climber for kidsThe Little Tikes Endless Adventures Adjustable Mountain Climber plus energetic children, equal a day filled with laughter and excitement. Its adjustable feature presents different challenges and more thrills for the kids. It is definitely a better choice than most other outdoor jungle gyms.

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The climber is recommended for kids age 2 to 8 years, but the slide can be used by younger kids with assistance from an adult. It can accommodate a maximum of 3 users at once, with a weight limit of 80 lbs per user or child, and a shipping weight of 102.5 lbs. The product dimensions are 102.5 x 49 x 54 inches.


  • Climber that has different surfaces and can be adjusted 4 different ways for varying difficulty that grows with the kids
  • Slide that can be attached high or low, depending on need
  • Spacey fort underneath the climber that is a good hideout
  • A cargo net that goes on one side for more climbing fun
  • Telescope that kids can look out with

How to assemble the Little Tikes Adjustable Mountain Climber?

The Mountain Climber’s assembly is fairly easy to set up. Having another adult to help assemble it would be nice and would definitely reduce set up time, but you can do it yourself if need be, without having any problems at all.

The instructions in the manual are also easy to understand as the steps are shown through pictures, complete with text guides. The instruction manual is available also on the net, as well as an information sheet providing a guide for playground surface. Allotting some clearance around the climber is advised.

Make the most out of your Mountain Climber

There are plenty of things you can do with the Adjustable Mountain Climber. Apart from configuring the climber to suit your kids’ age and climbing abilities, and which adds to the fun, several users have placed the side of the climber with the slide beside a pool (inflatable or otherwise) so that the kids can slide down into the water.

Little Tikes Adjustable Mountain Climber for kidsY

Your kids can also play pretend and depict as many roles as they want on the climber – act as a spy or a ship’s captain or an explorer with the telescope! And with the fort underneath, kids can play hide and seek and other sorts of fun things.

Remember, though, not to abuse the maximum weight and user capacity as suggested by the manufacturer, in order to avoid wear and make the product last. Also, it is light enough to be moved around, especially when cleaning the surface it is set on.

It is evident that kids can fall off from the big holes on the sides of the climber, so adult supervision is highly advised. If you want to be extra diligent, you could place cushions or pads on the ground adjacent to the sides that have these holes to avoid any serious injuries.

User reviews and comments

Despite our scorching hot summer and freezing winter, the climber has held up pretty well for over a year and a half now. I’d advise taking the telescope in whenever your kids are done with it, as rain water and condensation can be trapped in the telescope which would lead to it being unusable. There is a replacement telescope from the company for $20, but it takes a while to be delivered and is such a hassle to order!

Kids of ages 3 to 9 years have all been playing on this during parties, and they can all play at once. One thing I noticed though is that the adjustable climber tends to bend a bit under the weight of an older and bigger kid, especially on the hottest summer days. But, gratefully, nobody’s feet have been pinched.
– from L.K. Roden

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center review

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center for kids


Like monkey bars but with a twist, the Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center ensures heaps of fun for children who love climbing stuff and wrapping their bodies around them.

A good set to have your kids play on to help them strengthen their muscles and bones, and to build courage and confidence.


It comes in two sets of colors, primary and earthtone. With a maximum total weight capacity of 600 lbs, according to the manufacturer’s website (but according to one user, the packaging says 400 lbs), it can hold up to 6 children all at once. The recommended age is 3 years and older, although one user commented that the product was much too big and the first step was too high for her 4 year old.


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Powder-coated steel that is specifically designed not to peel, rust or chip
  • Authentic hand grips for rock climbing providing an interactive design
  • 10 ft in radius when assembled

How to assemble the Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center?

The Geometric Dome Climber is relatively easy to set up, and can be finished in as little as a couple of hours. Whilst a few people would say that the instructions on the manual are not clear on some parts, majority of users say that the instructions are rather very clear and easy to follow. It is advised to follow the instructions step by step and down to the letter, as skipping a step may lead to having to go back and redo some things.

You would also want to assemble the structure on level ground, and then move it to the yard or wherever you plan to set it on permanently. One user also suggested not to tighten the bolts until the end to make assembly go smoother and quicker. Two adults are also suggested to assemble, as parts can be quite heavy and hard to hold up for just one pair of hands.

There are also playground surface recommendations from Public Playground Safety Handbook of the CPSC that includes fine sand or gravel, and shredded bark mulch tires. These are to be used as base foundation for the structure, set to a certain height, in order to avoid serious injuries to children and other users. Another advice is to set a 6-foot clearance around the Dome Climber.

Geometric Dome Climber Play Center Maintenance Tips


Though the steel structure is powder-coated, it is never a bad idea to take care of your Dome Climber as if it were made simply of stainless steel. The first thing you would want to consider is covering the structure whenever it is not in use to keep elements off. A good type of cover would be one that keeps moisture out.

When cleaning the Climber, you would want to avoid using metal brushes or abrasive cleaners. You can go to stores that sell appliances, or any product made of steel, and ask how to properly care for your product. Using a dry cloth to wipe the steel bars is good, but it wouldn’t hurt to be a little extra diligent in order to make the product last a lot longer. This means keeping your kids happy longer, too!

But if you want it the easy way, Lifetime also offers professional care for your product, to be done on a regular schedule or just once. You may visit their website for more details on this additional feature.

What consumers are saying

I am very happy I bought this product. It was delivered on time, in good packaging and with a manual with clear instructions. My husband took less than 3 hours to put the climber together and enjoyed doing it. Though it is suggested to place it over wood or rubber chips, we put in on grass, but my kids haven’t been injured even if they fall off a lot. My kids really love this climber, that I can’t even get my 3 year old to get off! I would surely recommend this to parents!

– a review by Amber

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Climb and Slide Castle review

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Climb and Slide Castle for kidsAs one of the most popular play sets available, the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Climb and Slide Castle provides an enjoyable playground experience for younger kids. It is made of high quality plastic instead of wood making it really light and easy to carry around.

It is also extremely compact and light weight making it one of the very few play sets that can be installed inside (as long as you’ve got enough space though! 😉 as well as outside of the house.

Great for kids between twelve months and four years old, the manufacturer recommends a maximum weight capacity of 45 lbs.


  • It features a crawl tunnel and a hide out that you kids can use as their small “club house” or a play area.
  • It also comes equipped with a specially designed climbing wall that all kids who love climbing will really appreciate. It’s also really safe and easy to climb, which means that you won’t have to worry about the safety of your children while they’re playing.
  • This play set also features a rotating steering wheel, which looks just like that of a ship that your kids can use in their imaginative games.


This is where the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Climb And Slide Castle play set really shines.

Unlike other play sets that are made of wood or metal and require the use of power tools to assemble them, this one is made out of plastic, which makes its pieces really light and easy to manipulate and carry.

Putting it together is just a matter of connecting its pieces together; think of it like making a big Lego model. It should take you around 20 minutes to put it together.

Once finished, this slide climber weighs just around 22.3 pounds.

Consumer concerns:

Although pretty much everyone who has bought the Little Tikes Climb & Slide Castle is very happy and satisfied with it, some costumers did have some slight complaints to make.

The first is that really young children, aged between 1 and one and a half years old, may have problems climbing the climbing wall if they are not tall enough, so make sure that your kid can actually climb the wall before buying this set.

Some kids at 12 months are able to climb this set however there are 1 year olds who have a hard time climbing this set. If your child can’t safely and easily reach the foot holds and hand hold, just wait a couple of months till he or she grows big enough.

Also, some parents have noted that the slide may be a bit steep for younger children, so they may need more constant supervision whilst playing.


What users are actually saying

I purchased this for my one year old Granddaughter. It was really easy to assemble, and she really loves it! She absolutely loves climbing the rock wall and coming down the slide on her own. She also loves playing with steering wheel on the top. This has been the perfect gift for my Grand-baby!

– Review made by KellyGirl

Little Tikes Hide & Slide Climber review

Little Tikes Hide & Slide Climber for kidsFeaturing a specially designed wavy slide and a play area that’s hidden under the slide and its deck, the Little Tikes Hide & Slide Climber gives an avenue for the kids to use the play set as their hide out whilst the slide will keep the more active tikes occupied.

Finally, as the name suggests, there are a couple of steps for your kids to climb before they can go down the slide – great for exercising those developing muscles!

Specially designed for children of ages between two and five, this climber set for toddlers and preschoolers has a maximum weight capacity of 80 lbs.



  • The Little Tikes Hide & Slide Climber is made entirely out of plastic and it’s really lightweight and compact, which makes it very easy to move and to set up outdoors as well as indoors.
  • The slide platform features really high side walls, which will keep your kids from falling over while playing on it or while waiting for their turn to go down.
  • It comes equipped with a specially designed wavy slide that is very fun for kids to ride on, yet also extremely safe.
  • Under the slide and the platform your kids will find a specially designed play area that they can use as their fort, club house, hide out or play area. Since this is located under the platform, they can use this to take a breather and to cool down, away from
    the heat of the sun (if you put this outdoors)

How to assemble this Little Tikes climber?

Unlike larger, wooden play sets that require many hours for their assembly as well as the use of power tools, the Little Tikes Hide & Slide Climber is extremely easy and simple to put together.

All its pieces are large, but since they are made out of plastic, they are very lightweight and easy to manipulate.

All you’ll have to do is follow the really simple and well illustrated instructions and you’ll be done in an hour tops. The play set weighs 45.1 pounds once fully assembled.

Consumer concerns

Although this high quality product was well received by its users, some people have some minor issues with regards to this Little Tikes Climber with slide.

The most common complaint seems to be that at times, some pieces are missing from the package. If this should happen to you, then simply contact the supplier or Little Tikes and they will provide you with the missing parts and pieces for free.

It is highly recommended that you make an inventory of all the parts, using the instructions for reference, before you start assembling it.

What people are saying:

We got this for our daughter’s first birthday. She loves climbing so this was absolutely perfect for her. She is able to climb up on her own and then slide down! Her favorite thing is to push her toys down the slide and then slide down after them. Another thing that we like about this, is that our daughter’s older cousins also have fun playing on it. I would definitely recommend this slide for any active toddler.

– anonymous Review by a customer

Step2 All Star Sports Climber review

Step 2 All Star sports climber for kidsAll children love going to the playground and playing sports. Wouldn’t it be really great if there has a play set that effectively combined the two? Well, the new Step2 All Star Sports Climber set does exactly that, and your kids, as as well as you, will absolutely love it!


What makes this play set really unique, is that instead of featuring only a slide and a play area, like most playground sets available on the market, it also comes with many accessories, including a basket ball hoop and a soccer goal, that you kids can use to play various sports with their friends or practice and hone their skills by themselves. It even comes with specially designed balls for each sport.

Furthermore, this play set is made out of plastic and it’s really compact compared to its competition, which means that you can easily move it around, or even set it up in your house during the winter or a rainy day.

Great for kids aged between 2 and 8 years old, it has a maximum weight capacity of 60 lbs. (approximately 27.2 kg)


  • It comes equipped with a basketball hoop, a soccer goal post and a specially designed hole for practicing football throwing accuracy. Your kids can use those accessories to play with their friends or to practice and improve their skills.
  • Included in the set you will find an inflatable soccer ball, a basket ball and a foot ball, all of which have been specially designed for use by young children and toddlers.
  • This amazing play set is also equipped with a slide and an easy to climb and very safe climbing wall that your kids can use to hone their motor skills for climbing.

How to assemble this Step2 Sports Climber?

Since the Step2 All Star Sports Climber set is made out of plastic and weighs so little, putting it together is extremely simple and easy.

You won’t need to use any power tools or drill holes and such, just follow the well written instructions and you won’t have any problem.

It will be like putting together a big construction toy or something like that. You won’t even need to have someone around to help you move or lift the pieces. The set weighs 32.5 pounds when fully assembled.


Common Consumer concerns:

Although almost everyone who has bought the Step2 All Star Sports Climber play set is very happy with it, there are a few minor complaints about it. The most important and common complaint is the fact that the manufacturer’s estimate that kids aged 8 will still be playing with this set is somewhat over optimistic. Kids that old and big will probably not find it that challenging; kids under 5 however, will absolutely love it.

Another concern is that the balls are not heavy and “realistic” enough. Well, that is true, but then again this is a toy for children to play with and have some fun, it’s not official sports training equipment or anything like that.

What actual users are saying:

I got the Step2 All Star Sports Climber set for my son for Christmas. I am extremely happy with it. It is extremely durable and very safe. Of all the slides and play sets listed on Amazon, this one has the most unique features: there’s a slide, three balls, a basket ball hoop, and even a point counter on the side. My son is only 11 months and loves it!

– Review by CTKim